Anini Beach Kauai Facilities 2020

By | March 15, 2020 – Hawaii offers plenty of beautiful beaches scattered across its islands. There are beaches that are more renowned by tourists, but some of them are still not as heavily visited. An example of the more populated beaches in this territory is Anini Beach Kauai. Despite being less known by tourists, those who have visited this beach rated it as a great spot to spend a tropical-vibe day. This passage will show information related to the beach so nobody will be missing out.

Everything You Need to Know About the Infamous Anini Beach Kauai

1. Location

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This beach is a part of the northern shore of Kauai Island. Anini is located not far from the infamous Hanalei Beach. Therefore, this would be a nice alternative if Hanalei becomes too crowded for your own taste. This beach is also located nearby Tunnels, Lumahai, and Kalihiwai. Check Maps

2. Getting to the beach

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Getting to Anini Beach Kauai is not that difficult. Tourists who are not native to the island are suggested to rent a car to make commuting to the beach a lot easier. Even so, there is a public transportation option which is the bus. This beach can be accessed by taking Highway Number 56 through Kilauea. Tourists will need to cross a large bridge named Kalihiwai Bridge. After that, take the right turn on the second Kalihiwai Road before turning left in the direction of Anini Road. Visitors can leave their vehicles at the Wyllie Road then walking to the beach area.

3. Facilities provided around the beach area

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Despite being less known beach in Kauai, facilities provided on the beach area are quite elaborate. There are restrooms and shower stalls provided for visitors. Tourists can also enjoy a picnic on the windy beach because there are several pavilions and picnic tables to be used conveniently. Several BBQ grills are also built on the picnic area. Tourists can bring cooking equipment and ingredients then prepare grilled food on the facilities.

There is no need to bring water from home because you can fill a bottle or flask at fountains stationed at several parts of the beach area. Other facilities provided in Anini Beach Kauai include parking lot (which is located at the end of Wyllie Road), camping site, and boat ramps (only available in limited quantity)

4. Accommodation options surrounding the beach

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As camping is not everyone’s cup of tea, there are other types of accommodation surrounding the beach. Tourists can easily find cabins for rent alongside the Anini Road. This beach is notorious for being surrounded by luxury vacation cottages. Nonetheless, cheaper accommodation options are available too and the facilities offered are not shabby either.

5. Activities to do at Anini Beach

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The activities that one can do in Anini Beach Kauai are very diverse. This beach is perfect for families who enjoy water activities like swimming. Its current is not too strong (sans the reef channels) and the surrounding sea has a big portion of shallow water. With the proper equipment and constant supervision, even children and beginner adult swimmers can try swimming close to the shore.

This beach is also blessed with a consistent stream of wind. It makes it a great place to fly kites on the beach area. There are even some kite schools nearby. The steady wind also enables people to surf on the water. It accommodates beginner to intermediate surfers. Those who are still learning to surf for the first time should avoid its west side because there is a strong current in that spot.

The biodiversity in the water is something to be admired too. It hosts varieties of tropical fish that can only be spotted on the island, such as parrotfish, triggerfish, and unicornfish. Since the water is shallow and current around its middle area is not strong, the beach becomes a favorite spot for snorkeling. Its crystal clear water also helps swimmer’s visibility. However, during the activity, the explorer must be careful because some corals there are pretty sharp.

Another fun activity that a visitor can do on the beach is camping. It would be nice to bring several people around while enjoying a night out under the stars. However, campers must obtain a permit beforehand. The permit request can be obtained online by filling in a specific form and sending it to a government agency’s website. The campsite on Anini Beach Kauai would be closed from Tuesday morning to Wednesday afternoon every week for maintenance.

6. Weather condition

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The weather fluctuates depending on the season. It can be rainy or sunny even in the span of a day. However, this beach is generally very windy (especially around the afternoon). The water’s temperature tends to be warmer than other nearby beaches because of its shallow depth.

7. Entrance fee to the beach

There is no entrance fee required to enter the beach and enjoy its facilities. Of course, visitors are expected to pay for their own expenses such as food and renting gears. Otherwise, this is quite a steal.

Anini Beach Kauai does not have a lifeguard so you should always be alert. Bring personal equipment necessary for safety and comfort.

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