Bali Surf Spots For Beginners Complete Guide

By | December 14, 2019 – Most people visit Bali for its beaches. It’s normal. Bali has many beautiful beaches. Visiting those beautiful beaches won’t be enough if you don’t try surfing there. Bali has many of these surfing spots. There are more than 60 surfing spots with world-class waves. However, if you are a beginner, you can always search for the best bali surf spots for beginners.

The easiest way to find the best spot for easy surfing is by looking at the wave condition. Of course, the best choice is the beach with a calm wave. Many beaches in Bali have this kind of beach. And here, we will help you with some of the recommendations for the beaches you can choose to try surfing.

How to Find Best Bali Surf Spots for Beginners

The other things you also need to consider are the surfing school. Many beaches that are perfect for beginner also have many surfing schools. You can take a class from those schools. The class takes about two hours. And, after you learn at that class, the instructor will take you to the sea and try the thing you just learned. Now, after you know how to pick the best bali surf spots for beginners, here are several beaches you can visit to try that out.

Kuta Beach

bali surf spots for beginners

You must know about this beach. This is the most popular beach in Bali. People come to this place for sunbathing and enjoying the beautiful sunset. The calm and peaceful atmosphere here is perfect for a vacation. And, the calm here is not only the atmosphere but the wave as well.

This beach also has many surfing schools you can try. If you don’t have the surfboard, there are also many surfing rental shop. In short, Kuta Beach is the best destination that you can choose if you need a beach where you can learn surfing. The best of all, while you learning to surf, you also can enjoy the beautiful scenery of this beach.


Kuta Beach has very complete facilities. As one of the most popular vacation destinations in Bali, the government has built all the facilities that visitors need. Moreover, this area also becomes one of the top business areas. So, you also can find a hotel, shop, restaurant easily here. All of those places are within walking distance. Or, if you want to go to a little bit far place, there are various types of transportation you can use here, such as taxi, rent a car and many more.

Address and others

Address: Jl. Pantai Kuta, Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali 80361
Entrance fee: free for you who use public transportation, taxi or walking to this beach. But, if you drive your private car or rental car, you need to pay 5.000 Rupiah for the entrance fee.
Operating hour: Kuta Beach opens for 24/7. However, for surfing, you can only do it in the morning to the afternoon.

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Jimbaran Beach

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Jimbaran Beach is famous for the best spot to enjoy dinner and meal. At night, this place has to turn into one of the most romantic areas where many love couples spend their nights having a romantic dinner. You also can spend your night here with your family. The fresh seafood and delicious Balinese cuisine are available for you to try. Guaranteed, you and your family will have a great time and meal here.

However, the main purpose you visit this place is not dinner and spending the night. But, you want to find bali surf spots for beginners, right? For that reason, you need to go here before nightfall. The truth is you can use this time range. So, you visit Jimbaran Beach in the afternoon and spend your time surfing. Then, once you are done, you can relax at the open restaurant spot on this beach. This is a perfect place to learn surfing and then enjoy delicious dinner after that. You may never find a similar experience at other places.


As we explained above, you don’t need to worry about being hungry. There are many restaurants and cafes near the beach where you can enjoy a delicious meal. If you are tired, you can go to the reflexology or massage shop to try the traditional Balinese massage. It will relax your body and soul. For staying a night, there are many hotels, villas or if you want some homey atmosphere, try the homestay spot near Jimbaran Beach.

Address and others

Address: Jimbaran Village, South Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali
Entrance fee: Free. However, if you drive a car or motorbike, you need to pay 5000 Rupiah for car and 2000 Rupiah for a motorbike as the parking fee. The price can change without further notice. So, you may need to check it beforehand.

Operating hour: Jimbaran Beach opens for 24/7.

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Batu Bolong Beach

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This beach is located in Canggu, where the wave is quite big and wild. However, Batu Bolong Beach is the only area that has a mild and calmer wave. Therefore, many surfers avoid this place. For you who need bali surf spots for beginners, this beach is perfect for you. The water consistency, as well as temperature, makes it become a comfortable place for a beginner who wants to learn to surf. The flat reef bottom also reduces the risk of accident, if you fall from your surfboard.


Canggu is one of the hot vacation spots in Bali. Therefore, you won’t get any problem to find everything that you need in Batu Bolong Beach. If you want to eat something, there are many restaurants here. You also can find hotel and villa easier. So, if you want to focus on learning to surf here, you can do it easily.

Address and others

Address: Pantai Batu Bolong St, Canggu Village, North Kuta District, Badung Regency, Bali

Entrance fee: Free

Operating hour: Batu Bolong Beach opens for 24/7. For surfing, you can visit this place in the morning.

Those are several bali surf spots for beginners you can visit. You can learn to surf and enjoy the beautiful scenery on those beaches. No doubt, this will become your best way to learn surfing.

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