Ekas Beach Lombok Detail Information

By | December 23, 2019

Weekend-berlin.com – Lombok offers plenty of heavenly spot for surfers, some of them are well known but others are more obscured. One of the lesser known beaches would be Ekas Beach Lombok. This particular beach does not have high visitor traffic, thus you can still witness most of its natural charm. It is a nice place if you want to have a peaceful retreat, even if you are not a surfer. Do you want to get to know the beach even further?

Detailed Information about Ekas Beach Lombok


How to Get to the Beach?

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This beach is located at southeast part of Lombok Island. It is a part of Awang Bay that is less visited if compared to other beaches within the same area. Because of that, it is understandable that the path to get there is not as easy. Instead of taking a car to get there, you are recommended to ride in scooter.

How to get to Ekas Beach Lombok from the international airport? Here is how.

  • Head to LOP Service road in southeast direction for about 4 kilometers.
  • After that, you should turn left in the direction of Batunyala Street.
  • You then turn right to Praya – Mujur Street before continuing through Sengkerang Street.
  • After that, you head onto Keruak Street then turn right to TGH Moh. Mutawalli.
  • You need to turn right to Jor – Tutuk before turning left to Tutuk – Serumbung.
  • The beach is located along Serumbung Street and there is a sign to get there.

Highlights of the Beach

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There are several highlights of the beach that many people enjoy. It is particularly related to the fact that Ekas Beach Lombok does not receive daily visitor traffic. You will see less people there and evidently, the beach would be a lot cleaner. You can enjoy various types of activities in the beach, such as: kiteboarding, camping, and surfing.

Since the area is quite windy, you might be able to do kiteboarding as long as the wind blows hard enough. This beach is not exactly the main kiteboarding spot around the area. Kaliantan is more notorious for that, but it does not take you long to get to the other beach. Another activity that you should enjoy is camping. You can enjoy spending time in the seaside with friends and family.

This beach, however, is most notorious for offering great waves for surfing. That is probably why it is less known by common tourists than surfers. How does surfing in this beach feel like?

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Surfing at Ekas

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Ekas Beach Lombok offers nice waves all year long for surfers. The waves are mainly suitable for people with advanced skills in surfing because of how high and unpredictable they are. However, the Lombok people also recognize something called Ekas Inside. It refers to waves that are friendlier and not too high. These waves are suitable for people who are stll new in surfing.

Facilities in the Beach

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Seeing that the beach is not often reached by people, you might be worried about not finding suitable facilities to make your visit easy. However, you do not need to worry about that because Ekas Beach Lombok at least provides several basic facilities for visitors. You will find bathrooms and changing rooms within the beach area.

If you feel hungry, you can also find some food stalls around the perimeter of the beach. This beach is also a great place to get freshly caught seafood. You can purchase it from fishermen who just got back from the sea. The fresh seafood can be brought back to your accommodation so you can ask the cook there to cook it for you.

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Accommodation Around Ekas

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Due to the increasing interest toward the beach, some accommodation spots are built around it. You have quite varied options when it comes to quality and price of accommodation. You can find affordable home stays with basic facilities. If you want to splurge a little, there are also some mid-range accommodations that you can find around the beach. The mid-range hotels are offering interesting facilities such as pool and more quality services.

Of course, if you visit Lombok for comfortable leisure, you should spend more money on booking resort. There are few resorts located near this particular beach. The resort does not only offer stellar quality service and highly comfortable accommodation. You will also find some interesting activities offered by the resort that you cannot find outside it. The price per night is considerably expensive, though, so you need to consider it carefully.


You will be excited to know that Ekas Beach Lombok does not charge people for entering the beach. There is also no charge for parking unlike many other tourist spots around the island. Nonetheless, you have to be responsible of the security of your own belongings. Knowing local friends to help you get there is also important.

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