Gerupuk Beach Lombok And Facilities 2020

By | December 27, 2019 – Plenty of reasons make people want to visit Lombok. It is a beautiful island with various tourist spots. The beaches are among the beautiful ones you can find in Indonesia. An example of those beautiful beaches is Gerupuk Beach Lombok. There are various things that you can do there. Although the beach is quite notorious (it means that many people would visit the place), it is still a must visit tourist spot if you go to Lombok Island. Let’s get to know this beach even better.

Important Information about Gerupuk Beach Lombok

How to Get to Gerupuk Beach Lombok?

This beach is located in the southern coastal area of Lombok. It is not too far from Mandalika, which is an on-going race track to host international competitions. Understandably, the road to get there is not too difficult, particularly if you compared it to other more obscured beaches in Lombok. You can rent a motorbike or car to get to this beach. It even allows you to opt for public transportation called “angkot” if you want to experience the real deal and save up some cash.

You are recommended to visit Gerupuk Beach Lombok as a part of your road when visiting Kuta. It is because the distance between the two beaches is only 8 to 9 kilometers. You can go to Kuta from Mataram by public transportation, taking route of Bertais to Paraya to Sengkol. A public transportation can take you from Sengkol to Kuta. From Kuta, you can rent a bike or car to get to Gerupuk.

Facilities Provided at the Beach

Gerupuk Beach Lombok

There are few facilities that are provided at the beach such as bathrooms for men and women. You can also find changing stations there, if you decide to get into the water. If you feel hungry and you want to enjoy local foods, you can visit one of the restaurant located at the beach. There, you may be able to enjoy freshly caught seafood and other highlighted dishes in the region.

Since this place is also known to be a spot to do some water sport activities, you can find rental places for surfing and swimming gears. There are even local instructors whom you can book to teach you a thing or two about surfing. Other things that you would find in Gerupuk Beach Lombok are street vendors selling traditional merchandise and snacks.

Accommodations Around the Beach

The accommodations around this beach would vary from affordable home stays to mid-range level hotel. Home stays around the beach would provide you standard accommodation service such as bed, breakfast, and basic amenities. Meanwhile, the hotel will probably provide you more comfort and interesting facilities. It all depends on how much money you want to splurge for accommodation. If you want to stay at resort, you can book a place around Kuta Beach instead.

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Activities to Do in Gerupuk

There are several activities that you can do in Gerupuk Beach Lombok.


gerupuk lombok accommodation

Although the beach is known to have high tides and strong winds, there are some spots considered safe enough for swimming. You are strongly recommended to wear safety gears in order to protect yourself, though. Swimming allows you to enjoy the beauty of this beach even more.


mawi lombok

You are not too keen on getting into the water? There is a tall hill located right beside the beach and many people often hike it. From the top, you will be able to see the full view of this beach. Some locals even rent out motorbike to help you getting to the top quicker.

Seaweed production

selong belanak

Villagers around Gerupuk Beach Lombok also produce seaweed in their houses. You can visit the surrounding villages and ask them to see the production process. You can even purchase some to bring back home.


gerupuk lombok surf

This is the highlight activity in the beach. This beach offers high tides and strong winds all year round (although you are advised against surfing during rainy season when the weather is less predictable). The beach is notorious to expert surfer because of its challenging waves. But there are some spots for beginner and mid-level surfers too.

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Famous Surfing Spots in Gerupuk

kuta lombok surf

There are five surfing spots that are known for their tall waves. Surfers with high level of skills are the ones who will be able to handle the challenging waves. The spots are named Batu Teong, Batu Lawang, Prigi, Terasaq, and Giligoleng. You can ask for the help of local guide to get you to one of these spots safely.

Entrance Fee to the Beach

The entrance fee to Gerupuk Beach Lombok is only US $ 0.36 for weekdays and weekends. You may need to pay parking fee for you vehicle, but it will not cost you more than US $ 0.72. Currently there is not call center established for visitors who want to stay at the beach, so it would be better if you ask locals about the beach condition beforehand as well as checking to weather forecast constantly.

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