Gerupuk Surf Information for Visitors

By | January 28, 2020 – Gerupuk surf is one of the most mandatory activities to do when you are in Lombok. Gerupuk is an infamous beach on the island. It has a great view, amazing facilities, and most importantly incredible waves and breaks. It makes Gerupuk one of the best spots for tourists to surf. For those who come to Lombok to surf, Gerupuk must be added to your to-do-list. Interested in visiting this beach? Read more information about it down below so that you can have a brief knowledge about the location.

Gerupuk Surf Information for Visitors

There are many things to understand about Gerupuk. Actually, beyond its surfing experience, you need to know the basics about the beach and location. If you have never been to Gerupuk and you want to go there soon, here is the information that you need to read and to understand. You will be told everything you need to know about the location, starting from the accommodation to the wave types of the beach. Here they are:

Location Gerupuk Surf

Gerupuk surf

is situated in southeast Lombok. If you are landing at Lombok International Airport, it will take around an hour to get to the location. The beach is accessible with any type of vehicle. Whether you rent a car or a motorbike, you can get to the beach easily. This beach is quite a famous location for surfing and it has been that way for years. You do not have to be surprised to find the beach quite crowded with visitors.

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About Gerupuk Surf

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Gerupuk won’t be easy without understanding the beach first. The beach is quite beautiful with its white sand and crystal-clear blue water. However, this is not the beach for you to relax all day long doing sunbathing. The beach has been known as the location for surfing (for visitors) and as for the locals, the beach is a source of their fishing life. That is why you will find a lot of local fishing boats here and there.

Where to Stay and What to Eat?

Gerupuk, there are a lot of small hotels and resort to renting. However, if you are on a budget, you can stay there by renting AirBnB-like rooms. The cost is not too high, depending on the seasons and occasions. During the high season, of course, the rate will be higher than usual as the demand for the rooms is higher, too.

for what to eat there, you won’t find it hard at all. There are a lot of restaurants and street food vendors around the beach. They sell delicious local foods with fish and other seafood as the main ingredients. Whatever your budget is, you will find it easy to get something to eat there. If you do not feel like going out and buying food, a lot of places around Gerupuk offers delivery service for their food.

Wave Types and Difficulties

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those who come to the location particularly to do Gerupuk, they need to know exactly the wave types and wave difficulties the location offers. There are several wave types on Gerupuk, including the inside and outside right, and the kiddies for beginners. The wave difficulties are not exclusively limited to the experts, too. As the outside right wave and kiddies’ type of wave are friendlier to surfing beginners to the intermediate ones.

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How Much Money to Prepare?

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surf for a day in Gerupuk, here is the average amount of money you have to pay: renting a scooter costs $4 for a day, getting to the beach and its parking fee are around $8, staying in a small hotel room and get some foods for the day will cost around $22. So, it will cost you around $33. It is quite a cheap amount of money, with the note that you bring your own surfing board and equipment.

Other Things to Understand

are some other things to understand about Gerupuk. It is mainly about local rules. Even though Lombok is open to foreign tourists, the locals are mostly Muslim conservatives. So, although bikini is all-right for surfing, you may want to respect them by wearing something more respectfully, including a long-sleeved swimsuit that won’t expose your body too much.

Now, you know everything about the location and its surf-related information. You can consider visiting Gerupuk from now on. The best time to come to the beach is during the Indonesian dry season. It is between April and September. If you do not like crowded situations, avoid visiting on high season (June-July and year-end). Visiting Gerupuk won’t be complete if you do not surf there. That’s why you need to consider doing Gerupuk surf once you are landing on Lombok.

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