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By | December 12, 2019

Weekend-berlin.com – Bali is a popular destination for couples in honeymoon. You can enjoy so many different activities there. Couples will be able to enjoy romantic and quite time as newlyweds. You can go on nature tours around various spots in the island. Crafting sessions are provided for loving couples to enhance their bonds. If you and your partner are sporty people, you may want to consider surfing. This island is known to offer few great spots for this. You may be able to find a honeymoon surf spot Bali in the following list. It will turn your sweet honeymoon into something special and unforgettable.

List of Honeymoon Surf Spot Bali

Dreamland Beach

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This beach is located in a hill called Ungasan, which is within an area called Pecatu. If you visit another tourist spot called Garuda WisnuKencana, you will be able to get to this place easily since it is on one route. Dreamland is much cleaner than other famous beaches in Bali since it is located in secluded area and not as well visited. It has white sand and clean water. The waves are not too strong but they are pretty consistent. Surfing would be fun in here for those who are learning it. There is no entrance fee, but you need to pay IDR 20,000 if you bring car and IDR 5,000 for a bike.

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If you and your partner is still learning how to surf, you should visit Medewi Beach. The waves and current are not too strong but pretty consistent which is perfect for learner. This honeymoon surf spot Bali is located in a secluded are called Pekutan. Since it is not heavily visited by tourist, you can have plenty of fun learning how to surf here and enjoy local foods. The access is not too bad so you can ride a bike together with your partner. Rental fee for a motorbike is only around IDR 100,000 a day or less than 10 USD. There is no entrance fee needed to get inside the area. You just need to pay parking fee around IDR 5,000 (for bike) and IDR 20,000 (for car).

Batu Bolong

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It is another honeymoon surf spot Bali that falls out of most tourists’ radars. It is located around Canggu. This beach has fun waves that will cater to people who have beginner to intermediate level of surfing skill. If you do not bring your own gear, you can rent a surf board for around IDR 100,000. It is located about 30 kilometers from Tanjung Benoa and the road has been paved nicely so access to Batu Bolong is very easy. You do not need to pay for fee to enter this area. To park your bike you only need to pay IDR 2,000 while for a car the fee would be IDR 5,000. There are plenty of basic facilities here.

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The beach is often dubbed as surfing heaven for any surfer in the world. It is not hard to see why. The honeymoon surf spot Bali has white sand adorned with golden hue and one of the most spectacular waves you will ever see. It is located not too far from Sanur so the beach is still very accessible yet thankfully less populated. You can enjoy quiet time with your partner here in between surfing breaks. Like any other beach, you do not need to pay for entrance fee to get to here. The only fee needed is to pay for parking.


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Berawa is located in Canggu. It is a perfectly quiet place for couples to spend the first days of their marriage together. There is no better getaway spot than this. You can definitely learn how to surf in here since the waves ride low but the stream is consistent. You will be able to find people renting surfing equipment with price as low as IDR 100,000 in here.

Padang Padang

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Padang Padang is a great spot for advanced surfing couples. The waves ride pretty high so that beginner would not be able to handle it. If you and your partner enjoy adrenaline rush like this then it would be a perfect spot for you. Padang Padang is located in Pecatu which is a quite secluded region in Bali. Not many tourists will visit this place so you do not need to worry about it being overcrowded. Entrance is totally free but you may need to pay for parking free ranging from IDR 5,000 to 10,000.

You can find a perfect honeymoon surf spot Bali for you and your partner within the list. Regardless of your skill level, you will find an option there.

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