Top 9 Best Kauai Beach Wedding Venue 2020

By | March 4, 2020 – Kauai is an island located in the northern part of Hawaii. The beauty of this island is renowned, thanks to its golden tapestry of sand, pretty view of active volcanoes, and rich culture. Because of how charming and meaningful this island is many people want to hold a wedding there. Kauai beach wedding is one type of wedding which brides and grooms from all around the globe seek after. What would be the perfect venue to hold that dream wedding? Some of the most popular wedding venues in the island would be discussed in the following part.

The List of Perfect Venues for a Kauai Beach Wedding

Ke’e Beach

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This beach is located in the northern part of the island. It is well known for being surrounded by thick vegetation that reaches out to the beach golden sandy surface. From that point, the visitor would be able to see the spectacular Na Pali Coast. The beach is also a great spot to enjoy the sunset which is said to look gorgeous no matter the season. Because many couples want to chase after the beautiful sunset view, weddings tend to be held close to the evening. Because of that, the air would feel a lot cooler and breezier.

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Cottages at Waimea Plantation

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This particular venue is exciting because couples and guests can see the ocean view up close while enjoying the historical Waimea Plantation. There are two site options: Managers and Luana houses. The maximum number of guests to be accommodated on both sites ranges from 75 to 125 people. This site can cater to an outdoor wedding ceremony and reception. There are two cottages that can be booked for overnight stay by the married couples and their family members.

Hawai’i National Tropical Botanical Garden

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Nature lovers would love to hold a wedding in this botanical garden instead of the regular Kauai beach wedding. This national garden is built in order to preserve the diversity of native tropical plants. Luckily, the venue can be booked to hold private and sacred wedding event. It is capable to host up to 350 guests. Couples can hold the wedding on any day of the week. This venue is highly popular because of its serene atmosphere and rich scenery.

Waipouli Beach

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Waipouli is situated in the eastern part of Kauai Island. It is a favorite Kauai beach wedding destination for obvious reasons. Standing on the beach, a beautiful Pacific Ocean view would greet the eyes. Not only that, there would be a silhouette of Kauai’s tallest volcano named Kawaikini which can be seen clearly from Waipouli. The beach area also has lush green vegetation which provides a beautiful contrast with the golden sand and blue seawater. It is recommended to hold a wedding early in the afternoon or midday for optimum view and temperature.

Lydgate Beach

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This beach is also a renowned Kauai beach wedding site. It is located on the east side of Kauai Island too, not far from Wailua Beach. Lydgate is a favorite spot for couples who want to hold a small and private wedding event because it is not as known as other beaches nearby. It is capable of accommodating up to a hundred guests. This beach has tall trees and golden sand. The trees can provide canopy shade from harsh sunlight.

Lava Rock Kilauea Church

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The church is located on the northern side of Kauai Island and was built back in 1941. Despite being small, it has a wonderful architecture. The stained glass has a Victorian influence on it. What makes it very special is actually its outer structure which was built of lava rock native to the island. To those who would prefer to hold a quiet chapel wedding, it would be a perfect venue. The sea breeze can still be felt at the outside of this church.

Princeville Makai Golf Course

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Another spot to hold the Kauai beach wedding would be this golf course. From the golf course, people are able to see ocean view unobstructed. The tall mountains are also apparent to the eyes from this vantage point. Princeville Makai is able to host up to 200 guests. The married couples can opt to have a tented venue for the reception if they wish to. The price to hold a wedding in this spot is rather pricey, but many people are willing to shed off money for the once in a lifetime experience.

Lava-lava Beach Club

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For a grand wedding, this particular venue would be a splendid choice. The maximum guest count it can handle is 1,000. Couples can choose to have an outdoor wedding uncovered or semi-covered, depending on the weather forecast that day. From the wedding site, people will be granted spectacular ocean panorama. It is a nice spot to watch Kauai sunset as well.

Koloa’s Sheraton Resort

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If you are looking for a comprehensive package, this resort might be the best option. It has an indoor and outdoor venue with maximum guest count varying from 200 to 600. The ocean view is very apparent from this site. It also offers a gorgeous sunset view. Couples can choose a package that includes a catering menu so there will be fewer things to stress about.
Those are nine venues that are most desired for the Kauai beach wedding. One of them might be able to cater to your dream wedding.

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