Kauai Waterfall Wedding Inspiration

By | March 25, 2020

Weekend-berlin.com – If you are planning to have a wedding with a natural or rustic theme in Hawaii, then a waterfall is one of the best settings to consider. There is hardly anything that can beat the beauty of a scenic waterfall as the picturesque backdrop on the most important day of your life. It is also a perfect venue option if you’re going with a small, intimate reception ceremony with only around 20 guests. Explore the best six options of the Kauai waterfall wedding below as one of the most popular Islands full of beautiful cascade spots beside the Maui and Big Island.

Best Kauai Waterfall Wedding Sites with Stunning Natural Views

Be ready to make everyone who attends your wedding, including you and your soon-to-be spouse. These handpicked selections of spots would provide you unparalleled stunning views as a visual treat.

Kalihiwai Falls (The North Shore)

Kauai waterfall wedding

Falls are the astonishing multi-waterfalls located in The North Shore with an approximate height of 80 feet. The spot is surrounded by spectacular coast and mountain landscape that’s accessible through the relaxing walk in the jungle filled by Polynesian flora. The North Shore area is perfect for an exotic private wedding because it is placed in a secluded location.

Kauai waterfall wedding itself is comprised of two-tiered cascades. You can see it over the Kilauea bridge on the Kalihiwai River. For wedding couples who are interested in “Trash the Dress” concept of photos, this site is ideal to capture for documentation purposes.

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Wailua Falls (Wailua River State Park)

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Falls often dubbed as the hidden Kauai gem and is as breathtaking as waterfalls can get. It is tucked away in the eastside of the island, behind the Kalepa Mountain Forest. Let your wedding ceremony guests soaked by the glory of Garden Isle lushness in the center of Hanamaulu.

you are lucky to be able to hold your reception at the right time, you can enjoy the fairytale-like rainbow view besides getting The Wailua twin falls scenic beauty. Views aside, the reason why this spot is popular for the wedding ceremony is that it is easily accessible, so you don’t have to hike in order to reach them.

Hanakapiai Falls (Hanakapiai Valley)

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Kauai waterfall wedding stands high at the 300 feet or 91 m height and located at the Na Pali side of the island. Hanakapiai Falls set just next to the stretched Hanakapiai beach and Ke’e Beach, making the striking blue scenery of Pacific Ocean a bonus if you’re decided to bring your reception here.

Unfortunately, the location is quite remote so you’d be required some efforts to reach it. So, make sure that you plan accordingly to set everyone on the magical adventure and make a memorable experience.

Hoolea Falls (Kalalau Valley)

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Though the scene of Hoolea Falls may not be as glorious as other famous waterfalls in Kauai, this waterfall has its own charm. The fact that it is sandwiched between the Forest of Na Pali-Kona and Na Pali Coast State Park as an exclusive resort area and beach is a special appeal on its own. The access to reach this area is relatively easy because it is located right behind the Kalalau Beach.

can have your wedding guests to stay at the resort, or let them enjoy a night at camping areas on the beach. The relative isolation and natural environment are ideal settings for private weddings, which happen to be the major attractions for other tourists as well.

Manawaiopuna Falls (Jurassic Park)

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is a notable although lesser-known Kauai waterfall wedding location? It is most known as the Jurassic Falls as it is featured in the opening scene of the blockbuster movie “Jurassic Park” in 1993. The scenery sight is such a natural wonder, with the water cascades from 400 feet cliff. Like most of the waterfalls in Hawaii, it is also surrounded by the lushness of tropical flora.

the reason why it hasn’t been crowded by tourists yet is not that the spot is located on private local property, but because of the accessibility issue. Currently, the only way to access the site is through a helicopter tour.

Wai Koa Loop Waterfalls (Stone Dam)

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The last recommendation from Kauai waterfall wedding sites is the Wai Koa Loop that’s located in Stone Dam, near the Kilauea mini-golf area. The spot is surrounded by majestic mahogany forest, has secluded swimming water body and serene lagoons.

the stone dam is a garden with an outstanding peaceful landscape and a little gazebo for the visitors to rest. Even though you have to get into the trail track, the reward of a stunning waterfall along with the oasis of tropical plants and flowers are definitely worth it.

The popularity of outdoor weddings has risen over the years. Get yourself a wedding with the settings of pure sky and earth color palettes that contrast beautifully with the white color of the wedding dress. These recommended spots of the Kauai waterfall wedding above will help you to choose the best location in breathtaking natural scenery.

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