Top 6 Malibu Surf Spots Update 2020

By | January 26, 2020 – Finding the Malibu surf spots are important for you who love surfing and living in Los Angeles. As we all know, Los Angeles, California is a big city with massive, tall buildings here and there. However, the best thing about this location is there are many beaches. They are just gorgeous and full of challenging waves, thus perfect for surfing. For those who are currently in West Los Angeles location and want to go surfing, read more information about it down below.

List of Malibu Surf Spots to Catch a Wave

There are numerous beaches in Malibu when it comes to surfing spots. They are all beautiful in views and basically have great waves to catch. These are some of the best places in Malibu where you can go surfing with ease. By going to these beaches, you will be able to catch amazing waves and conquer them. Before getting to Malibu to surf, read this information. This is the list of the best Malibu surf spots to choose.

Surfrider Beach

malibu surf spots for beginners

Surfider Beach is the most famous spot when it comes to surfing in Malibu. This beach is now a national reserve for surfing. You can tell by that title that there is something quite special about this place. Indeed, this beach is famous among surfers because it has three different point breaks. They are all offering huge, challenging waves. However, the waves are all right to be tried by surfers on intermediate levels. Beginners probably need longer time to conquer the Surfrider Beach waves.

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County Line

Malibu surf spots

One of the most famous Malibu surf spots is this County Line beach. This beach is simply extraordinary, especially for surfers. A lot of surfer comes here as the beach is generally quieter. It has less visitors compared to the infamous Surfrider beach. Even so, the facility and the waves here are just satisfying.

One thing about this beach to notice is its wind. The wind is quite strong, especially in the afternoon. For beginners to intermediate surfer they want to avoid visiting this beach in the afternoon to prevent the winds from ruining the experience.

Zuma Beach

best beginner surf spots los angeles

As for the Zuma Beach, this is the best place to come when you are just starting to learn how to surf. The waves are considered challenging, but tamer. The beach has a lot of shades, too, preventing the whether to be too hot there. Zuma is also friendly for beginners as it has a lot of places all along its coastline to learn how to surf. Surfing lessons are offered by organizations and groups to visitors who want to join and learn how to properly surf. Their lessons are $500 in average.

Topanga Beach

point dume surf

Even though it is not as famous as the Surfirder or Zuma, Topanga Beach is still considered as one of the best Malibu surf spots by the tourists. This beach is quite full of rocky terrain. However, it is safe and fun to surf there as the waves are not too wild and they are rolling over the terrain quite smoothly. This is the beach to come when you are good at surfing and in taming waves.

Leo Carrillo

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For those who are looking for challenge, Leo Carrillo is the best beach to visit. This beach is going to put your surfing skill to a test as it has a lot of rock reefs here and there as obstacles. Also, this beach is blessed with medium tide, which is not too wild but not too easy to conquer, too. The best time to visit Leo Carrillo beach is very early in the morning, before the beach is getting crowded for sure.

Little Dume Beach

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Even though it has “little” in the name, Little Dume Beach is not so little. The beach is quite massive and it has incredibly amazing scenery, too. It makes the beach one of the must-visited Malibu surf spots today. The beach is iconic and the scenery for its sunset is just unforgettable. The waves on the beach are considered as strong but subtle. It does not have that much surprise. That is why this beach is less likely to be visited by those who have been surfing for years. However, for beginners, this beach is such a great location to begin the experience.

Those are some of the best beaches in Malibu when it comes to surfing. You do not have to worry about not finding the right spot to catch a wave anymore. Those places above will make sure that you can get on the surfing board and get back satisfied. That is why everyone who plans to go to Malibu to surf needs to know exactly what beach to go. Those Malibu surf spots above are all incredible and useful to help you catching wave.

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