Mawi Beach Lombok Complete Information And Facilities

By | December 19, 2019 – The preserved beauty of Lombok Island has been a popular topic amongst the international travelers for years. There are plenty of destination and attraction that seems endless to be explored, such as the beaches, hiking areas, waterfalls, savannas, as well as historical and cultural attraction. Due to the never-ending beach destination possibilities, Lombok has earned the title of “Island of thousand beaches”. Amongst these beautiful coastal stops, even if some of them are already well-known, Mawi Beach Lombok is one of the unknown destinations. It is slowly but sure gaining more popularity day by day. The beach is a hot spot especially for surfers, due to its strong waves that is ideal for the waves’ riders.

Mawi Beach Lombok Information Details

The main attraction that The Maui Beach offers is surfing waves, so it is a must-visit for the surfers and surfing enthusiasts. The best visitation time is during for the beach is during May to October, during the dry season period in the area. What are things you need to know before your visit? The information is compiled below within the following points.

Location of the Beach

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Mawi Beach Lombok is located in Mekar Sari Village, Central Lombok. The area is approximately 70 km or couple of hours drive from Mataram, the Capital of Lombok Province. The beach itself is hidden between the Mawun Beach and Selong Belanak Beach, which both are also located in Central Lombok.

Due to the concealed spot behind the hills, there is almost no road sign as direction to Mawi. It is recommended for the guests and visitors to ask for direction to the locals, because the beach is pretty far from the main road. Even though the main road that leads to Mawun Beach and Silong Blanak Beach is already built conveniently, the case is different with Mawi Beach. It takes about twenty minutes to get to Maui through the green lane.

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The Accommodation

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The Mawi Beach is located 26 km from Lombok International Airport. Unfortunately, the place cannot be reach by public transportation. However, there is plenty of private car or motorbike rental services that provided across the island. There are also many travel agents that offer transportation, lodging, and admission for the tourists’ trips to explore the heavenly beauty of Lombok.

If you opt for car rental option, here is the detailed direction to get to Mawi Beach Lombok. From the Lombok International Airport, head to the Jami Penunjak Mosque intersection, and turn to the south direction. You’d reach Selong Belanak Beach, and take left turn on Villa Sempiak intersection. You’d meet other three intersections, take right turn at each. If you found the hills area, you should be able to see the Mawi Beach there.

The Food Service

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There are many food stalls available along the coastline of Mawi. Majority of them provides snacks, light food, or drinks. If you wanted to get full dinner course, then there are also several restaurants in 2 km radius that provide both traditional and western cuisines for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner.

The Ticket Price

The entrance fee to enter Mawi Beach Lombok is relatively cheap. You just have to pay about US $ 0.72 for one motorbike and US $ 1.43 for one car. The price includes the entry to Semeti Beach.

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The Facilities

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Unfortunately, the beach is barely touched by the development effort. Therefore, there is only so much of minimum facility provided for visitors you can enjoy, aside from the several shady spots to shield temporarily from the sun and small food stalls. However, it is possible to get awesome surfing facilities across the island, such as the surf shops or surf camps.

For the tourists who want to stay the night, there are various options available such as hotels or lodgings, especially near the Kuta Beach area or the Mataram Capital Province City.

Even though the journey to reach the Mawi Beach Lombok is not exactly an easy one, but every effort would be redeemed by the magnificent view both during the trip and on the beach. Experience the remarkable scenes of nature and the spectacular beach that ready to welcoming you, like a hidden treasure. The white sand that spread across the coastline is contrasting beautifully with the blue of the sea that faces the Indian Ocean that meets with the horizon. On top of that, the surrounding beautiful hills add the beauty to the view. It’s almost too good to be true. It is also the perfect spot to surf, as you’d see constant sight of few surfers or just to soak up and hang out under the sun. You’d also be able to enjoy the serenity of this beach, because the destination has not been well-known for domestic and international tourists.

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