Mawun Beach Lombok Review in 2020

By | December 21, 2019 – The beauty of Mawun Beach Lombok is practically not debatable. Everyone who had visited the beach only has positive words about its charm. The main highlight of its scenery is tall green hills that guard the beach from two sides. Another great thing about it is that the beach is hardly touched by modernity. You can still enjoy most of its natural beauty when you pay it a visit. There are several things that you need to know if you want to put this beach on “must-visit” list when you go to Lombok.

Thing That You Need to Know About Mawun Beach Lombok

Getting to Mawun from the City

To get to this beach from the city, you need to drive for more than an hour because it is located in more obscured area of the island. From Mataram City, the distance would be around 60 kilometers. You should rent a car or bike to get to this beach. However, as expected, the road is not always going to be smooth. It would be less pleasing once you get closer to the beach. The area surrounding the beach is full of large fields for buffalo herding and tobacco plantations.

Mawun Beach Lombok is located in Tumpak Village, which is a part of Pulau Lombok Tengah Region. In order to get there, you have to get to Cakranegara from Mataram. After that, you need to drive to the direction of Kediri, Praya, then Penujak. From Penujak, you drive toward Selong Belanak before finally getting to the location of the beach. It is a difficult travel but the result is so worth it.

Activities to Do in the Beach

There are plenty of interesting activities that you can do in the beach. The following list only shows several of them.

• Sunbathing

Mawun Beach Lombok

Photo by : akang_bandung

If you do not fancy on trying on water sports or other demanding activities, you can spend time lounging on your beach chair while reading or simply enjoying the beautiful scenery. Since the beach itself is not too heavily visited, you can do this activity peacefully.

• Swimming

mawi beach lombok

Photo by : lomboktransport_id

Another thing that you can do in Mawun Beach Lombok is swimming. This beach is considered friendly for family because on its ends, the water is not too deep and the current is mellow. You can swim safely with your children as long as they are using safety gears. If you prefer swimming in deep water, you can also try swimming in the middle where the water is deeper.

• Surfing

mawun beach surf

Photo by : pn.manalu

Surfing is also an optional activity in this beach. The waves are not too big so if you are still in beginner and intermediate level, you will be able to enjoy your time in here. You are recommended to bring your own surfing gears to the beach, though.

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Facilities Provided in the Beach

selong belanak beach

Photo by : nyuull

The facilities that Mawun Beach Lombok provided are varied. They cover the basic needs of visitors. You can find fully functioning bathrooms and changing rooms in the beach. Currently, there are no restaurants built around the beach. Thus, it would be better if you bring your own meals before visiting the beach. However, if you can sustain yourself on snacks, you can find small stalls offering tropical and local snacks.

There are also some street vendors that may try to forcefully sell their goods to you. If you are not interested in what they sell, you better gently and firmly refuse their offers. Some of local goods that they sell might make nice gifts for people back home, though.

Accommodations Around the Beach

tanjung aan beach

Photo by : duta_lombok_tour_transport

There are no accommodations located around Mawun Beach Lombok. You can find most of them near the Kuta Beach. However, since these two beaches are not far from each other, you can still conveniently book an accommodation near Kuta just to visit Mawun. There are cheap home stays, simple cottage hotels, and even resorts around the area. It depends on your budget and preference.

Entrance Fee to Mawun

If you want to enter the beach, you need to pay for entrance fee which is Rp 10,000 or less than $1. This fee does not include the parking fee for your vehicle which may ranges from Rp 5,000 or more.

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List of Things to Prepare When Visiting the Beach

Are you planning on visiting this beach? There are several things that you need to prepare before hand. First, you need to bring your own amenities such as hygiene supplies and change of clothes because you cannot find shops around the area. If you plan on surfing or swimming, bringing your own gears is important because you will not encounter rental shop there.

As stated before, you should also consider packing your own meals when going to Mawun Beach Lombok. Despite the preparation needed to go there, you will definitely not forget the experience of visiting the beautiful beach.

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