Mawun Beach Surf The Best Spot

By | December 15, 2019 – Surfing is a fun sport, especially if you find a great spot to accommodate your surfing activity. Unfortunately, many places are packed by tourists including fellow surfers. You will not be able to surf peacefully in such places. Is there any spot that which is less known to people? If you are visiting Lombok, you may want to visit Mawun Beach surf spot. This beach is definitely off tourist radar since it is not located in the main track of beaches that people often visit.

Mawun Beach surf

Location, Facilities, and Other Information You Need about Mawun Beach Surf Spot

How to get there

This beach is located in the southern part of Lombok and is actually a bay. In order to get there, you must travel from Mataram for about one and half hour. The distance is measured to be around 60 kilometers. You can choose route that is in track with a beach called Selong Belanak. The road is not too wonderful but you can see beautiful tobacco field scenery.

As a beach that is located away from other beaches track, you can expect that the road to Mawun Beach surf spot to be quite challenging. It is difficult to go there by car so many people will opt to ride their motorbikes to get to the beach. However, if you are not a skilled rider, the right can still be pretty difficult. It can even be dangerous, especially in the wet season when its tracks becoming muddy and slippery. Your best bet would be going with locals who are knowledgeable and skillful enough to maneuver through the difficult field.

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The beach has beautiful half-moon feature that is flanked by two hills on its left and right sides. The water has crystal blue color that attracts people to just jump in. Mawun is another white sanded beach in this region. It is not as well visited as other beaches in the region, so you will not see too many people lounging around the spot. Thus, the beach is still relatively clean and untouched. You will not have a hard time to setup your beach equipments there.

Activities offered

How does Mawun Beach surf spot fare against other famous beaches known for its tides? First, you have to factor the fact that there are less people visiting this beach. Sharing waves with too many people is not very fun. Surfers report that the waves in this beach are not consistent. However, when the waves are in full motion, you will have a plenty of fun in there. This beach is not recommended for beginner in surfing especially since the waves can get quite harsh. That is especially the case if you are visiting the beach during rainy season. You are recommended to be at least having intermediate skill level in surfing in order to surf safely.

But does that mean people who cannot enjoy their time there? That is absolutely not true! You can still have a great time in this beach despite not being a skilled surfer. When the waves and wind are not too harsh, you can enjoy swimming and even snorkeling along the shore. The water will get relatively calm if you are coming during warm season when rain rarely occurs. Since the water in this beach has crystal clear quality, you may be able to get the chance seeing a little bit of underwater life here. You just need to remember to bring safety gears when doing that.

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Facilities on the spot

What are the facilities that you can find in this beach? There are the basic ones such as public bathrooms and food stalls. Mawun Beach surf area also provides few changing rooms for tourists. You can also find some traditional huts called berugak which can serve as nice spots to protect yourself from harsh sun. The huts can be utilized without having to pay fee, unlike the beach chairs which are rented. Some hawkers are also offering their products or services there. It can be annoying to some people but you can learn to ignore them respectfully. One thing that is not yet provided in this beach is life guard, so you must be alert at all time.


How much is the entrance fee to get inside the beach area? You need to pay about IDR 10,000 or less than 1 USD to access this beach. There is a parking fee as well. If you bring your motorbike, you need to pay IDR 5,000. The parking fee for car is IDR 10,000. That is an affordable fee to enjoy a fantastic spot.

Mawun Beach surf area is definitely a perfect spot to enjoy surfing filled holiday at. Go and visit it, you will not be disappointed.

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