The Standard Miami Wedding Spot

By | April 19, 2020 – Beach is the one word most people will automatically thinking about when they prompted about the standard Miami wedding. Indeed, Miami beaches are the safe bet to do your pre-wedding or engagement photography. The South Florida coastline provides some of the most beautiful surroundings across the country. The ideas are endless, to soak up under the warmth of the sun, having cool colorful drink and meal with your spouse-to-be, or just relaxingly stroll around the shores with beautiful beach-appropriate outfits. If you are already attracted to the idea, then check these options below to choose the perfect spots for your romantic and remarkable couple of photos.

Recommended Location to Shoot Pictures of the Standard Miami Wedding
Ocean Drive

The first spot option to bring your dream of the standard Miami wedding is the Ocean Drive, which stretches from 1st Street at South Pointe to the end of Miami Beach’s main barrier island.

is where you can capture the dreamy palm trees and neon signs, that the icon of Miami beaches. The Art Deco restaurants and hotels across the street that have been featured in media and movies make a great spot for pre-wedding photography. Before you choose a particular spot, you can explore first throughout South Beach.

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21st-45th Street Beach

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The spot begins from 21st Street Beach to the 46th Street Beach that walkable with the wooden pedestrian walkway. The water at Street Beach looks very much gorgeous – the color is vibrant blue-green when you see it from the distance and when you go up close it turns into crystal clear water.

21st-45th Street Beach located just a short walk from famous beach clubs and some of the most luxurious hotels in Miami. Even though so, the place does not attract huge visitor crowds and easy to get to, which makes it perfect for a wedding photography session.

Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

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Park is located at the Key Biscayne’s southern side. It has been mentioned in many travel magazines as one of the “best beaches” in the world. The word beautiful may be an understatement, as the gorgeous Atlantic shoreline extends over a mile, and you can witness the iconic old lighthouse that’s built in the early 19th century.

Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Parkas the standard Miami wedding for you to choose. Imagine the photos taken at wide beach with soft sand, paired with a tall rising building as the backdrop, and cruise ships move across the harbor.

Matheson Hammock Park

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Hammock Park is located on the south side of Coral Gables. It is most known for its beautiful natural landscape, which attracts people to visit in the first place. Here, you can capture you and your partner with the settings of a perfect scene of Florida shores, swaying palms, oak trees, and mangrove beach.

It is also possible to take photographs of the standard Miami wedding with a picnic theme here. Throughout the Matheson Hammock Park, there are picnic areas and coral rock pavilions beside the stunning lakes. Feel free to explore the parks and go bird-watching on during your scene sightings.

Homestead Bayfront Park and Marina

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Makes the Homestead Bayfront Park and Marina perfect for the standard Miami wedding photo session is that it’s not the mainstream location for tourists and vacationers. You are free to enjoy the solitude vibes on this beach.

is places on the north side of Florida Keys. The palm-shaded beach is packed with facilities such as marine activities, snack and drink bars, and full-service accommodations. One of the most iconic scenes of this location is the colorful lifeguard stand that painted by Romero Britto, a Brazilian-American artist. You’d also be able to shoot on the night setting with kayak tours on clear and lighted up water under the moonlight.

Hollywood Beach

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Beach is known for its broad walkway that stretches along the beach, accompanied by resorts, hotels, restaurants, and bars. It is sandwiched between Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. You can get gorgeous beachfront views and experience all the place has to offer at once.

the broad walkway is a one-of-a-kind spot that spans about 2.5 miles and named as one of the best America’s beach boardwalk. On a positive note, it is very clean and the sunset view it provides is worthwhile. In the morning during the sunrise, the vibe is very calm and relaxing. It never gets crowded so you are free to choose the right time for the photo-shoot.

Choosing the ideal spot to take pictures for your pre-wedding moments can be challenging. It is said that pictures have to tell something about a couple to capture all emotions and bring greatness to the picture. These spots above can serve the standard Miami wedding to create romantic times for you and your partner by the great ocean backdrop and nice weather to spark chemistry during the shoot.

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