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By | February 12, 2020

Weekend-berlin.com – You cannot simply just spend an hour or two, to fully experience and appreciate the charms of Zuma Beach. The beautiful coastal area in Malibu, California is famous for its wide shoreline that extends across approximately 1.8 miles. There is plenty of beach-related activities which can be done on the spot, such as swimming, surfing, beach sports, and so on. Various amenities are also provided across the beach, like showers, restrooms, restaurants, and many more. The clean white sand, great waves, and ample amenities are the reason why the beach continues to magnets California’s tourists. If you are interested in visiting the destination, then the guide to Zuma Beach surf rental may help you to look for and decide the accommodation to use on the location.

Various Zuma Beach Surf Rental Options Available

There are plenty of ways you can get around the Zuma Beach. Found out about the available accommodation options from the following list.

Car Rental

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Car is the most popular accommodation type of Zuma Beach surf rental due to convenience and affordability. You will be able to get through all the spots on your list around the beach, without having to wait around for the bus schedule. Get your own set of wheels in practical choice especially if you’re going with a group of people so you can share ride comfortably. There are also many different car types to choose from such as SUV, Compact, Luxury, or Minivan. By going around with the car, you are free to explore the open road of Malibu and create the vacation the way that you want. Simply search for the car rental agencies around Zuma Beach and you are good to go.

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Motorcycle and Scooter Rental


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If you are not a native of California, then exploring around the beach is probably a new challenge. It is possible to walk around or getting on public transportation, but both can be hassle time and energy-wise. Getting ride services or hiring drivers is also possible, but it might be not the best option for your wallet. In times like this, renting a motorbike or scooter can be a great alternative. The regulation in US allows anyone over 14 to 16 years old to drive a motorbike, so the option is worth considering.

Bike Rental

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For people who are traveling by themselves and stays near the spot, then this Zuma Beach surf rental is an easy option to make. Besides the fact that it is an eco-friendly way to exploring the beach area, you will be able to taste the freedom of exploring more places like the downtown area. The majority of bike rental agencies are ready to provide their customers with biking necessities such as the lock, helmet, basket, lights, and bell. You can also choose to rent the bike on daily rates or hourly rates. It is easy to get instant reservations, numerous bike style options, with a safe and secure process.

Bus and Minibus

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This Zuma Beach surf rental option is ideal if you’re traveling in a big number group and planning to the greater area around the Malibu. Creating travel accommodation arrangements for a large group is far from easy. By renting or chartering a bus you’d feel comfortable and convenient because you do not have to worry about separating your traveling group in a different vehicle and ensure better safety for everyone because generally, a bus is safer than a car. If your traveling group members are too large to fit in a car but too small to charter the whole bus, then you can opt for a minibus instead, which has enough capacity for about 8 to 30 people.


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Not feeling like renting a specific vehicle and feel like you’d rather have other people drive around for you? Hailing a taxi right from the LAX to the Zuma Beach and getting around the area could be a good idea. Despite the infamous reputation that screams warning regarding taking a taxi for foreign tourists, you may gain terrific information from the drivers about the current local events, the best place to get food or entertainments, and so on. If you’re really lucky, then the driver may give you tips about the unsafe area, or offering you to talk in English and practice if it wasn’t your first language.

Public Transportation

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Various public transportation such as train, tram, or bus is available if you’re not a fan of taking a taxi or getting Zuma Beach surf rental. Most of the information about these transportations can be obtained online to prepare before you’re getting into the destination, regarding the routes, price, or schedules.

Zuma Beach is known as one of the cleanest and healthiest destinations in Los Angeles, so it makes sense that the place is popular amongst domestic and foreign tourists. Whether you are planning to visit on peak season or any other time, there are always ready-to-book Zuma Beach surf rental options that are available for anyone.

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